The Rise of Nationalism

There are numerous changes that have become a reality in the world today. Among these is the rise of the political right in Western countries, which have for decades been bastions of tolerance and liberalism. The rise of the right is a cause of concern especially considering that Western nations are increasingly focusing inwards; resulting in a threat to the liberal order that has sustained the world for decades. While it is the democratic right of all individuals in the world to choose the government that they feel best protects their interests, it is also important that they also consider their responsibility to others. Thus, the election of a leader like Donald Trump, with his nationalistic agenda, to the most powerful position in the world as President of the United States, puts the established global order at risk. It is, therefore, important that all the people with the ability to exercise their democratic right to ensure that they use it responsibly for the benefit of mankind rather than nationalistic interests.


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