Twenty-First Century Nationalism in Europe

One of the most significant developments following the Financial Crisis has been the increase in the power of right-wing nationalist parties in Europe, and a nationalist tilt in the United States. The nationalism that has arisen seems to be because of the considerable fear that local populations have developed in recent years about their economic … Continue reading Twenty-First Century Nationalism in Europe

The Ganges River: Its symbolism

The Ganges River also known as Ganga Ma or Mother Ganga) is one of the most sacred symbols of the Hindu religion. It has from time immemorial been a place of pilgrimage for those of the Hindu faith. The river was granted divinity by the Hindus due to its importance in their day to day … Continue reading The Ganges River: Its symbolism

There is no hope of doing perfect research

Research is the investigation of new and existing knowledge in order to confirm known facts as well as to develop them further whenever possible. It can also be used to establish new facts based either on old knowledge or newly discovered knowledge. The perfect research is very hard to achieve and very rare. However, it is possible to achieve it depending on the task

The Rise of Nationalism

There are numerous changes that have become a reality in the world today. Among these is the rise of the political right in Western countries, which have for decades been bastions of tolerance and liberalism. The rise of the right is a cause of concern especially considering that Western nations are increasingly focusing inwards; resulting … Continue reading The Rise of Nationalism